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“It has been a great pleasure and privilege for me to work with HFS. They are one of the best consultants we have.”

Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD)
Access to Care Section Chief, Konder Chung
Health Care Workforce Development Division

Gwynn Smith

Gwynn Smith


Gwynn's experience provides a broad overview and expertise for health care operations in clinics, hospitals and post acute facilities.

top-19Maximizing Revenue and Profitability

Revenue Cycle Management

With reimbursements decreasing, it’s more important than ever for health care organizations to improve revenue cycle in order to achieve optimum financial results.

Our experts have a proven strategy and process for achieving top revenue cycle performance, resulting in reducing lost revenue and increasing financial health. With health care reform, the move from ICD-9 to ICD-10, and more emphasis on documentation, we understand that the reimbursement process has become more and more challenging and complicated for health care executives.

To tackle these challenges, Wipfli/HFS offers unparalleled Revenue Cycle consulting services. We are highly regarded for our integrated approach to developing improvements for every segment of the revenue cycle. Our services include:

A/R Management

We provide business office management, receivables management, and assess hospital information and practice management systems. In addition, we design and implement department reorganizations. 

Business Office Staffing

Wipfli/HFS staffing services meet the business office needs of health care organizations. We have experts that will work on site in the areas of billing, collections, Health Information Systems and charge master creation and maintenance. Our team is knowledgeable on various payer regulations and requirements of governmental agencies and third party payers. We specialize in claims requirements for both electronic and hardcopy submission and are thoroughly versed in the various types of reimbursements (e.g., PPS, managed care, fee schedules, and fee for service).

We have experience with several information systems including: Meditech, Siemens, HBOC, AS400, Dairyland, HMS, Medical Manager, Therapy Source, Raintree, Mega West, Health Pro and Citrix. Experience with electronic vendors includes: DSG, SSI, Emdeon, NDC, Envoy, Office Ally and Proxy Med.

Increase Cash Flow

Our process includes maximizing cash flow on billed and aging receivables, including a one-time cash infusion. We maintain the appropriate level of A/R based on payer mix and monthly revenues. Throughout this process, Wipfli/HFS works with facilities to establish appropriate communication protocols, and systems to maximize efficient collections, and monitor results in order to continually improve financial performance.


We ensure that all submitted claims are “clean” and accurate, strictly adhering to guidelines and regulatory requirements.


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HFS Consultants achieved substantial results at the informal level appeal which saved the hospital legal fees for the formal level appeal ...

Case Study Alt Attribute

For the flagship facility (North Mississippi Medical Center), our firm assisted with a NLERP program that netted over $8 million in annual reductions ...