Interdisciplinary Approach to Hospital Management

Wipfli LLP/HFS Consultants is trusted by hospitals for its expertise to navigate today’s changing and challenging health care environment, providing integrated financial, management, operational and strategic planning services. Working closely with hospital executives, our team keeps health care organizations viable and armed with a plan designed to move successfully forward.

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Developing Strategies for Operational Improvement

Working with management, we objectively evaluate and identify underperforming or out-of-date services and implement cost-effective utilization protocols.

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Lowering Costs and Improving Performance

We work collaboratively with hospitals providing tools, methodologies, best practices and project management, ensuring lasting sustainable performance results.

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Highly Experienced Health Care Professionals for the C-suite

We have an extensive network of experienced and knowledgeable health care professionals, providing you with qualified executives to meet your priorities, mission and vision for both permanent and interim management.

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Claim Full Medicare and Medicaid Reimbursement

With our deep expertise in government reimbursement for all types of providers, we are able to deliver substantial improved reimbursement through assertive but compliant cost reporting and audit support.

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Preparing Annual Cost Reports

We maintain compliance with cost report filing requirements, and will provide representation through the audit and appeals processes to gain full reimbursement.

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Expert Assessment of Financial Feasibility

We evaluate sources of funding to determine capital requirements, optimize capital structure, address and minimize financial risk and streamline the funding process. We also evaluate debt capacity and funding alternatives.

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Creative Revenue Cycle Solutions

We have decades of experience creating healthy revenue cycle solutions that maximize revenue and profitability.

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Community Outreach or Fundraising Communications

Increase visibility and share your hospital successes using marketing communication solutions that deliver your messages to patients, staff, the community and other key audiences. Generate more visibility for your fundraising activities with targeted digital and PR strategies.

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HIM Services to Meet Health Care Challenges

Experts in HIM services, including ICD-10 training, providing on-site and off-site coding, billing, documentation improvement and training services, operational assessments, coding audits, and compliance assessments.

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Hospital Facility Valuation and Appraisal

Valuation services include fair market valuation documentation, fairness opinions, valuation consulting, transactional planning and structural assistance.

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Hospital-Based Clinic Development Strategies

Revenue enhancement strategies including HRSA New Access Point (NAP) applications to become an FQHC, state licensure and Medicare certification applications, HPSA applications for RHC certification, survey preparation for Federal and state site visits, initial Medicare and Medi-Cal rate setting, change in scope for HRSA expansion, scope of service rate change revisions, annual Medicare cost reporting and Medi-Cal PPS reconciliation filing.

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Transformative Behavioral Health Services

Behavioral health patients can present a host of problems when they come into the ED, and are unwelcome. We help with these issues, providing a transformative approach to behavioral health delivery that benefits the hospital, patients, and the community.

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