Case Study

National Rural ACO Marketing Campaign

Assembling an effective mix of digital and printed marketing communication tools is an important part of running an effective company or organization. These tools can help to establish and support a brand, engage and inform clients, patients, and communities and provide channels for real-time feedback and interaction.


We recently worked with the National Rural ACO to update and refocus its branding as the organization readied for a major recruitment campaign. They needed new marketing tools to help potential members quickly grasp what the organization had to offer, the pressing issues at hand, and the importance of becoming a member right away.

Here’s a quick look at the marketing communications services we provided:


A new blog was put into place in a matter of days. This provided a platform for the organization’s executives to share information and gain followers and traction during the website development process.


The original website for the company was put up quickly to have an online presence. We designed and built a new website to better reflect the professional brand. Just as important to this website overhaul, was reengineering its navigation to help visitors find the information they sought. We added timely news, informational videos and integrated the blog to support marketing outreach efforts. A simple form provided a way to gather member applications cost effectively and with ease. The newly designed website has helped to convert client prospects and encouraged member participation.


We created a direct mail postcard with compelling statistics and a specific call to action. It helped to create interest and communicate a sense of urgency to prospective members. It also drove web traffic, a key goal.


Speaking engagements were a big part of the organization’s recruitment efforts. We created signage and a marketing package to support and reinforce the speaker’s message. The presentations – PDF and video formats – were posted on the website post-conference for easy reference.


We created notecards, marketing flyer PDFs, and other branded materials to support the outreach efforts of National Rural ACO staff.

With great leadership, expert industry knowlege and the right mix of marketing tooks, the National Rural ACO’s recruitment campaign was a resounding success.


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