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Finding the Best Healthcare Talent

Friday, June 25th, 2010

DON WHITESIDE, Manager of Executive Search and

BRENDA ROSE, Manager of Interim and Permanent Recruiting Services

The best healthcare talent comes from a wide variety of places…the large systems, the rural hospitals, the free-standing facility just down the street. The healthcare industry is unique when it comes to the recruitment of top C-level and managerial talent because the supply and demand of healthcare talent is more stable than other industries. This phenomenon leaves the pool of existing healthcare talent playing a professional rendition of musical chairs, even within the executive level and managerial positions. When a pivotal position becomes vacant, where should you target your search? Here are three rules of thumb our recruiting practice uses:

Fit! Fit! Fit!

More important than a degree, a CPA or MBA, or specific prior experience is the prerequisite that you hire key professionals that fit well in your organization. Also, unlike many other industries, it is nearly impossible to hire an executive or manager from another industry with the transferable skills necessary for stellar performance. Healthcare is unique and requires industry-specific knowledge not only to maintain the status quo, but more importantly, to avoid costly errors and miss invaluable opportunities.


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